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Detox – Problems That You May Expect When Entering Rehab

Many addicts do not willingly enter rehab, but they are rather put into rehab by the authorities or their families. However, the best results are given when the person realizes that the addiction is damaging them beyond repair. In addition to that, the process of rehab also requires another painful element – detox, which scares the addicts and with good reason.

Detox Is Difficult

Detox is very difficult on the body of a recovering addict. Your body has become accustomed to certain stimuli and learning how to live without it can be stressful on the body. Depending on the substance that the person was or is addicted to, the very process will cause more or less nausea as well as changes in your behavior. The very first step is often the most excruciating one that turns many addicts from the facility that can help them.

Why Detox Is Important

We teach our clients how to find strength to mustard through detox because if you do not go through it, you will never be clean. We have found strategies that work, and we are willing to help you overcome your addiction, but you have to go through this very painful process. Some rehabs offer medications that will help you abandon the substance you have been using, but in that way you are only trading it for something else, something similar almost. It is important to detox your system in the proper way and going through the pain of becoming clean is sometimes necessary.

It Is All In Your Mind

Once you make your body clean, you will not feel the physical urge to relapse, but you will feel the psychological need to relapse. From that point on it is all in your head. You have to learn how to battle these desires and how to control them. If you are a recovering addict, the chances are that this is something you will be struggling for the rest of your life. While this is not encouraging, you have to learn to accept this fact, because it will help you more on with your life.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient – Rehab

When our patients and clients first enter our facilities, they do not even know that they are just about to make the most important decision in their lives. How do these people differ upon entering and after leaving our facilities, you can read about here:


The patient coming into rehab is scared, annoyed, often doesn’t even want to be here. All they think about is their addiction, and how they can go back to the substance they have been abusing. The addiction does that to people. These people are not bad or good; they are ill. Addiction is a terrible and serious illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible. In patients often cause turmoil at our facilities, but it is something everyone is accustomed to. After all, their life is about to change, and they are not even aware that this is the first step.

During The Rehab

During the rehab, we have everything our patients need to feel safe. The facilities offer medical, but also psychological help, and this can be very productive. It is when the addicts usually have their a-ha moment and realize they can get well and clean. Because you see, many addicts do not even believe they will ever get clean during their lifetime. Once we show them they are more than just their addiction and that they have many things to live for, they feel like they can finally conquer this illness.


An outpatient realizes that the outside world will have the challenges that may be difficult for them, but they are prepared and willing to try and live a perfectly normal life in the outside world. Our outpatients frequently stay in touch with our staff and inform us on their progress. We also encourage our former patients that have successfully overcome this illness to come back to our facilities and give encouraging speeches to other people who dwell in our facilities. Outpatients are also very grateful for this program, and they give us constant update on how they believe we could change it and make it even better.